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Interpreters must speak many languages perfectly. They ensure that people speaking different languages can understand each other in direct oral contact. An interpreter must not only speak perfectly his native or target language, but also understand both equally perfectly. The interpreters that Sprachenmax provides at your service master their languages perfectly and have great knowledge of the subject and proper interpersonal communication skills. A translator could use a dictionary for help. An interpreter must "dream in the target language".

Sprachenmax interpreters can assist you in many situations, such as court affairs or important business negotiations. It is now more frequently expected that an interpreter can also translate perfectly in writing. We at Sprachenmax are prepared for this challenge.  Our interpreters are multi-level talents when it comes to language and expertise.

Whispered interpretation - the discrete interpretation service
Not every conference, not every conversation is held on a large scale. Therefore, not all those present need an interpreter. As a rule, the use of a whispering interpreter involves about three people. In this particular form of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter whispers the translation directly in the customer's ear.

The coveted language art of simultaneous interpretation
This type of interpreting is used very often during major events such as conferences and lectures. For interpreters, this is an enormous challenge. They must convert the lecture directly in the required language. Highest concentration and professionalism are required here. For everything to work, special technical conditions must be met. The interpreter receives the lecture through headphones in a soundproof room. From there, he translates and feeds back immediately the translated language version. Since such a high concentration can be maintained only for limited time, the specialist in the translating booth is supported by a second and, according to foreseeable interpreting effort, a third interpreter.

Generalization: Conference interpreting as a term
Conference interpreting is just a general term for interpretation per se, i.e. all forms of direct, oral translation. These include both simultaneous interpretation for meetings and lectures, consecutive interpreting in small, selected groups and whispered interpretation for individual speech recipients in larger groups of people.

Relay interpretation - cost and manpower saving
This is a double challenge for an experienced interpreter. He translates the context of a conference or speech in his native language and into a foreign language for the rest of the event participants. Considering the budget, such specialization may be required as a sales order. Apart from lower costs, relay interpretation is a clever double solution for international meetings in countries with unusual target languages.

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