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Voice-over is literally just that, the "voice over", and means concretely an accompanying commentary, with which an image or audio material is superimposed, i.e. "concurs". A certain picture may need explanation, since it is not always explained by itself. Here, these explanations must be given in such a way so that even a person that is not familiar with all this understands the meaning. We at Sprachenmax will help you transfer your explanations and legends into the target language. We discuss your audio material so that your target group feels thereby positively addressed to. Because wrong accentuation cannot "breathe linguistic life" even in the best image and audio material.

As silent movies turned into talking pictures, many of the great actors had to go. Many movies were not accepted by the public because the voices did not match the character of the people. To prevent this from happening today, you decide on our team at Sprachenmax! We can help. Our voice-over artists deliver your product correctly to the clients. The audience will be impressed with your product and your presentation - and this in 290 target languages..

To do this, we offer competent professional advice. We show you how to present your product effectively with a voice-over or anything else included in a good language presentation. For your productions, we provide you with professionals that achieve a good result for your purposes!

Attached you may find two voice-tests by our voice-over experts::

Voice test 1

Voice test 2


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